Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some random lo's

Here are some lo's that I recently completed.  I'm a random scrapper -- I jump from decade to decade.  Here they are from 1966 -- 1999 -- 2010.  


  1. I am a random scrapper, too. There is no rhyme or reason as to why I chose to do a page - the inspiration just comes!!!!! I love that about scrapping. And your pages are fabulous, my friend! So creative and just awesome!

  2. I'm a random scrapper, too. Why does that feel like a confession? LOL.

    I have so many old and new pics to scrap, I feel torn in all directions. They all deserve to be seen by future generations.

    I just read your profile. I'm a yankee living in the south, too. Softball is my family's obsession but baseball is a close second. I just broke 50. I would love to trval but have never been to Europe. Only been to 17 states even though I joined the AIr force to see the world.

  3. I'm a random scrapper too. I try to only do 3 months at a time and then just scrap in any order within those three months.
    Also, I'm a Texan living in the North! Go figure. :)
    I'm following you now. Would love for you to follow me too!